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Specializes in carrying DG (Dangerous Goods) shipments safely and according to the IMDG Code (international regulations) and local regulations. Transporting Dangerous Cargo requires the highest amount of expertise in the market. We gained this experience during decades of transporting all kinds of Dangerous cargo in Dry Vans, IsoTanks, Reefers and other kinds of special equipment. We have special offices dedicated to help and guide you through the various stages of transporting your DG cargo. Each DG booking is closely checked before accepting for loading on board. In order to enable us to give you our best service we need to receive from you all the required information and the relevant documentation. The DG booking will be accepted only if it complies with Honest Shipping policy, as well as IMDG and local regulations.

Please find below the necessary forms to be filled for each DG booking request:


1. A detailed overview of requirements to guide you in entering all the required information for Booking DG cargo. All relevant details should be entered in the form. The more information entered, the faster your DG shipment can be approved. Click for Dangerous Goods application form (PDF).


2. A declaration legally required from the shipper stating that the cargo has been classified and packed correctly (including a declaration from the person who packed the container). The completed DG declaration should be supplied by the Shipper at time of loading.


3. A transport document required when a customer handles a segment of the transportation independently.

Click here to read more about our Containers

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