About Us


Honest Shipping employs the high level of employees to deliver the results our customers wants. Our team are standing by to work with you to perfection.

Who We Are

Honest Shipping is a Registered Irish company in the west of Ireland. Honest Shipping the shipping company you can trust


Established by Samuel Bray.

  • Mr Samuel Bray was born into a truck driving family, he develop interest in mechanic at a very early age. Because he has interest in cars, trucks and machinery, he was sent into a technical school to study Mechanical engineering as a teenager.After completing school he joined his father in the truck driving business, where he repaired his fathers trucks cars as well as driving trucks. He traveled to Ireland where he became a truck and car dealer as well as dealing in spare parts. As a hard working person, he continued driving trucks for other companies as well as running his own small business, by shipping cars, trucks and spare parts to Africa and other parts of the world as well as shipping containers for customers. He then established his own company called HONEST SHIPPING where he shipped things across Europe, Asia and Africa.By road, sea and air. He then register the company as he accumulate experience of shipping over the years.

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